Schools Advocacy

Schools are the lifeblood of our community and educate our future leaders. Over the years, Alderman Moore has fought for investments in their futures.

With a burgeoning population in a diverse neighborhood, school overcrowding posed a daunting challenge. Moore successfully pushed for construction of the new $15 million Jordan School, a $13 million addition to Gale School, a $12 million addition to Kilmer School, $2 million for renovation of Field School and $15 million for construction of New Field School at Clark and Morse.

In the last year alone, Moore advocated for funding for a new roof at Eugene Field School, a turf field and playground at Field School, a Learning Garden at Gale Community Academy, and a new health clinic at Gale Community Academy.

And coming in 2019-20, is a $5 million investment in a new roof at Kilmer School.

Over the years, Moore has brought a total of over $80 million in capital improvements to our neighborhood schools, resulting in improved school ratings and test scores at all our local schools.