Public Safety

Moore has worked to improve public safety by securing the police resources necessary to respond to public safety emergencies, and bringing to Rogers Park a new strategic deployment center with the same kind of “smart policing” strategies that have resulted in significant crime reduction in other police districts.

Recognizing the link between criminal activities and irresponsible landlords, Moore took on slumlords in the 49th Ward, a neighborhood with older housing stock, 75 percent of which is rental housing. He forced slumlords to improve their tenant screening and property upkeep or sell to responsible property developers. He designated one staff person in his Ward Service Office to handle tenant complaints and take irresponsible landlords to housing court. As a result, problem buildings, such as 6972-78 N. Sheridan at Lunt and the Broadmoor Hotel at Howard and Bosworth, are now rehabbed and safe homes for our neighbors.

Moore advocated for reforms that have led to more effective policing and safer neighborhoods. He sponsored City Council hearings that moved City officials to adopt community policing and then mobilized community groups in the far North Side to successfully designate the 24th Police District as a pilot district. Since then, Moore has worked closely with community policing beat groups and the 24th District Police commanders to effectively combat crime. Through a combination of smart policing strategies and targeted city services such as additional lighting and tree trimming, criminal hot spots have cooled down. As a result serious crime in the 49th Ward is now down over 50 percent.