Affordable Housing

Alderman Moore is committed to preserving and creating affordable housing in Rogers Park. In the last two years alone, he has worked to create 119 new units and preserve 56 units of affordable housing.

In September 2018, Moore convinced the Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) to purchase Levy House at 1221 W. Sherwin, thus preserving 56 units affordable senior housing so the senior citizens living there may remain in their homes.

In 2017, Moore helped a developer secure City of Chicago Low Income Housing Tax Credits to build 54 affordable housing units on top of 3,300 square feet of retail storefront space at Clark and Estes. Construction started in October 2018 with completion set for the end of 2019.

Also in 2017, based on community input, Moore approved a zoning change for a 30-unit accessible redevelopment that includes 3 units of accessible affordable housing. The proposal preserves the historic terra cotta façade of this Orange-rated building.

In 2016, he worked with the CHA and developer to create 65 CHA and 46 market rate units above a Target, all due to open in 2019 on Sheridan just north of Devon.

Participatory Budgeting

Starting in 2010, Moore made the 49th Ward the first political jurisdiction in the country to put people directly in charge of public dollars. Participatory Budgeting had been used throughout South America, Europe, and Canada for over two decades, but it was the first time it had been applied in the United States.

And now for the past nine years, Moore has asked constituents–the residents of the 49th Ward–to decide directly how to spend $1 million in their tax dollars on various capital improvements that they choose and approve.

Here are the major projects that ward residents voted to approve recently.

For 2019 budget yearOne hundred new trees, bus benches, artistic murals on CTA embankment walls and Metra viaducts, a public plaza/stage in Touhy Park, and partial funding for an artificial turf field and running track at Sullivan High School (the remaining funds will be proposed on future PB election ballots).

2018: Seven new benches at Loyola, Touhy and Pottawattomie parks, and one at Sherwin Beach; Pratt Avenue bike lane extension.

2017: 100 more new trees for Rogers Park; Learning Garden at Gale Academy; updated streetlights on Clark Street; lean bars in heat lamp shelters on CTA platforms.

2016: 100 new trees in Rogers Park; new streetlights around Kilmer, Sullivan schools; improvements at Dubkin, Paschen and Loyola parks.

2015: 100 new trees planted in Rogers Park; park improvements at Pottawattomie Park, and Goldberg and Washington playlots; five new murals at CTA and Metra underpasses, and a mini artificial turf soccer field at Langdon Park.

Since 2015, almost 1,500 citizens shared ward improvement ideas; almost 10,000 citizens voted.

Public Safety

Moore has worked to improve public safety by securing the police resources necessary to respond to public safety emergencies, and bringing to Rogers Park a new strategic deployment center with the same kind of “smart policing” strategies that have resulted in significant crime reduction in other police districts.

Recognizing the link between criminal activities and irresponsible landlords, Moore took on slumlords in the 49th Ward, a neighborhood with older housing stock, 75 percent of which is rental housing. He forced slumlords to improve their tenant screening and property upkeep or sell to responsible property developers. He designated one staff person in his Ward Service Office to handle tenant complaints and take irresponsible landlords to housing court. As a result, problem buildings, such as 6972-78 N. Sheridan at Lunt and the Broadmoor Hotel at Howard and Bosworth, are now rehabbed and safe homes for our neighbors.

Moore advocated for reforms that have led to more effective policing and safer neighborhoods. He sponsored City Council hearings that moved City officials to adopt community policing and then mobilized community groups in the far North Side to successfully designate the 24th Police District as a pilot district. Since then, Moore has worked closely with community policing beat groups and the 24th District Police commanders to effectively combat crime. Through a combination of smart policing strategies and targeted city services such as additional lighting and tree trimming, criminal hot spots have cooled down. As a result serious crime in the 49th Ward is now down over 50 percent.

Schools Advocacy

Schools are the lifeblood of our community and educate our future leaders. Over the years, Alderman Moore has fought for investments in their futures.

With a burgeoning population in a diverse neighborhood, school overcrowding posed a daunting challenge. Moore successfully pushed for construction of the new $15 million Jordan School, a $13 million addition to Gale School, a $12 million addition to Kilmer School, $2 million for renovation of Field School and $15 million for construction of New Field School at Clark and Morse.

In the last year alone, Moore advocated for funding for a new roof at Eugene Field School, a turf field and playground at Field School, a Learning Garden at Gale Community Academy, and a new health clinic at Gale Community Academy.

And coming in 2019-20, is a $5 million investment in a new roof at Kilmer School.

Over the years, Moore has brought a total of over $80 million in capital improvements to our neighborhood schools, resulting in improved school ratings and test scores at all our local schools.

Ward Infrastructure Improvements

Alderman Moore knows the importance of improving streets, alleys, sidewalks, and our sewer and water mains. These improvements have been made since 2015:

  • 108 streets resurfaced
  • 47 alleys and alley aprons resurfaced
  • 38 new sidewalks installed
  • 7 blocks with new streetlights
  • 14 blocks with new water mains
  • 11 blocks with new sewer mains
  • 8 blocks with new bike lanes

Other Ward Infrastructure Improvements:

2018: Construction of 49th Ward Greenway – Bicycle and pedestrian improvements.

2017: Touhy/Ridge/Rogers intersection improvements.